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WordPress Customization Help…Content Management Framework Customization
A lot of businesses are interested in controlling their own content and being able to update content without having to have to get ahold of their web designer to do it for them. A lot of them have found that WordPress is the best alternative answer to accomplish this. As you control the backend of the website, by updating titles, blog posts, images etc…TWD can customize the style and look of your WordPress site to wholly your own. Customizing a WordPress site can be very difficult if you are not familiar with HTML, PHP and CSS. However, with the right help, the WordPress framework can be an amazing tool in content management, enhancing website functionality, increasing search engine ranking with SEO tools. The CMS system framework also allows the website client to be able access the backend of the website and to make their own content, image and other customizations. Toolbox Web Design includes a video tutorial, with onscreen instructions that help clients make their way around basic WordPress customizations and we are always ready to lend our support to our clients, 24-7…365 days a year.

WordPress makes is easy to setup a website or a blog, within certain WordPress theme parameters. Usually you will generate a generic looking website from WordPress themes. That is where Toolbox Web Design can help out your website project.
There are plenty of pretty slick themes and frameworks to work from. Go to WordPress.org and browse some of them.


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