Why You Should Secure Your Website…

website security santa fe new mexicoWebsite Security is paramount these days

Securing your website should be a top priority, even up there with getting your website solidly built and getting it launched. A security blanket in any sense of our lives, makes us feel more comfortable and if a rainy day should occur, it feels great to be protected.

Your website is not only not different from your other security concerns in life, but should be taken very seriously. Just look what has happened in our country when it comes to cyber security. We are getting infiltrated daily, more than likely, and its not going to stop. Of course, that is on a global scale. But robots, hackers and cyber thieves are out on the prowl 24/7 and they will attack your vulnerable website….if you don’t protect yourself.

Here are some easy steps to protect your website:

1. Strong Passwords

I know this sounds like a given, but this can really make it tough on cyber-prowlers. This should be the bench mark across all of your digital accounts, hosting, CMS and any other entity that has to do with your website.

2. Encryption

Some of us, that do not take critical information (such as credit card information), do not need to encrypt our site. Of course, its a great way to lock up your site and protect it from any kind of fraud and infiltration. For E-Commerce sites, this is a must. Encrypt your site with a strong SSL, and it won’t only ward off security breaches, but also give your customers and end-users peace of mind, making your website’s viewership and experience much more comfortable and easy

3. Security Software

Most websites these days are made from open-source platforms, such as this website which is made in WordPress. There are plenty of quality, free softwares that you can use. I will list some here:

  • iThemes SecurityiThemes manages to cover most of the common security threats including:
    • Brute force protection.
    • Monitoring core files for any changes.
    • Hiding both the login and admin pages.
    • Locking out users who enter their username or password incorrectly too many times.
    • Two-Factor identification.
    • Logging user actions.
    • Forcing the use of secure passwords for specific user roles and file permissions.
    • Ticketed support is also available to all pro users.
  • WordfenceTaking a slightly different approach than iThemes Security, Wordfence specializes in the following tasks:
    • Scanning for file changes
    • Blocking IP addresses
    • Two-factor authentication
    • Country blocking and country redirects
    • Custom alerts

4. Recaptcha

Google Recaptcha is free and can make it extremely hard on robots to flood your website with spam. Also, you can add this to all your forms and your WordPress logins.


These are just a few to think about. If you need help integrating security measures to your website, please contact Toolbox Web Design


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