Why Invest in a Professional Website Design

why invest in a professional website design
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You’ve heard all the commercials. “why not get your website for free”? “You can have a ‘professional’ website for $1”. la la la la la la….We all know that getting something for less than $5, that usually you will be getting what you pay for….you will get something that is worth…well, something…that is worth less than $5. A friend told me an interesting point the other day…she said that most people will spend hundreds and thousands dollards on clothes and shoes, but then turn around and spend $3 on cheap shampoo and conditioner and also spend $10 for a haircut. Your hair is clothes that you wear on your head 24-7 and it never comes off. So she said that investing in the best products and the best care for your hair is something that most people should invest more money and time into, than their clothes and shoes.

Same thing for your website. Your website is a snapshot of your business. Your website is reflection of your values, disposition and attitude toward your customers. Its a business investment that absolutely must be taken seriously and is not to be skimped on. Here is why:

1. Show off

Here is your chance to show that you are a business professional, that is creative, empathetic to your customers and understand the value of engagement. People will definitely notice if your website is “generically” built or unprofessional. An unkept website can make customers think that your business is unkept too…think about it.

2. Do your job

Chances are that, as a business owner, you are not a professional web, seo marketing and graphic design disciple. So do what you do best, which is what your business functions as. Let a design professional use their schooling, passion and know-how to deliver a visually engaging and functional professional website for you to use with your existing and potential customers.

3. Flexibility

Too many times, when you throw down your dollar for your $1 website…you will be frustrated in the limitations that come with it. Why can’t I do this? Why can’t my website do that? How do I make my website do what I need it to do? Hiring a professional website designer will give you the flexibility to, number one, basically be so creative that you can achieve any type of design, without coming off as cheap and “blocky”. Two, the functionality of your website greatly increases, depending on the skill set of your web designer. What’s the point if you can’t do what you want it to do?

4. HELP!

Get the kind of support that you will never, ever get with a -1800-FREE-WEBSITE support hotline. Hiring a professional web designer will give you more of a personal and attentive support system, mostly because professional web designers do not have the scale of clients of a corporate run, giant FREE website company has.

5. Go local!

Whenever you can…especially if you rely on your surrounding community to make your business run, you should always invest your business into that community. Instead of paying a FIVERR that lives on the other side of the world, pay for a professionally designed website, keep your support close to you and also give back to your local community! Makes sense doesn’t it.

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Alex Martinez is a web, digital and marketing enthusiast that believes in ethical marketing and business practices are the key to long term success.

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