SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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Check Your Site’s SEO Health

Need more traffic to your website?

We all do. Driving traffic to your website isn’t just as easy as putting up a new website and just watching new customers roll in. You must take steps within the first processes of your website structure, including important elements and critical steps to make sure your site is read properly by all the search engines. Toolbox Web Design can help you put your business’ digital media in position to improve your SEO ranking. Important: SEO marketing does not happen overnight. It takes time. It also takes proactivity. You must nurture your website on an ongoing basis to increase your chance to succeed. Bottom line is…the more traffic that goes to your website, the better you will do.

Website Structure

Toolbox Web Design includes a basic SEO package with all of our design packages to get you started in the right direction, which includes setting up a blog. We structure the code in our sites to be easily read by all the search engines. Also, nowadays it is imperative to make sure your website is mobile friendly.

Social Media

Toolbox Web Design can integrate social media into your website and show you how to communicate more effectively with your audience through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. Driving traffic through social media is something that everybody should be doing. Targeting effectively is much easier to do on social media through paid ad campaigns. Toolbox Web Design can show you how.

Google AdWords

Paid google ads can be very cost-effective since it allows you to jump up to the top the paid crawl, above the organic crawl. These are great for specials or just driving more traffic to your site.

Retention Tools

There are plenty of tools you can use on your website to keep coming back. Whether its a client portal, where clients can pay monthly bills to having a poll…you want returning customers. Fresh content is the best retention tool you can have. Keep updating your site. This takes proactivity.

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