Phonetic Alphabet Chart & Pronunciations

I actually had these memorized way back in my military days, and then yesterday, my son and I were playing around on our walkie-talkies and I trying to send code to him but couldn’t remember all the letters. So I decided to look it up and list them here! Enjoy

A – Alpha (AL-fah)
B – Bravo (BRAH-voh)
C- Charlie (CHAR-lee)
D – Delta (DEL-tah)
E – Echo (EKK-oh)
F – Foxtrot (FOKS-trot)
G – Golf (Golf)
H – Hotel (HO-tell)
I – India (IN-dee-ah)
J – Juliett (JEW-lee-et)
K – Kilo (KEY-loh)
L – Lima (LEE-mah)
M – Mike (Mike)
N – November (NOH-vem-ber)
O – Oscar (OSS-car)
P – Papa (PAH-pah)
Q – Quebec (keh-BECK)
R – Romeo (ROW-me-oh)
S – Sierra (see-AIR-ah)
T – Tango (TANG-go)
U – Uniform (You-nee-form)
V – Victor (VIK-ter)
W – Whiskey (WISS-key)
X – X-Ray (EKS-ray)
Y – Yankee (YANG-kee)
Z – Zulu (ZOO-lu)

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