Online Resumes

Having a paper resume and cover letter to send into a potential employer will get your name in the hat that will perhaps land you a great, new job. But more times than not, its tough to stand out even if you are the most qualified candidate in the pool. So why not, have an online resume web page, where you can show off your personality, skills set and interests….all by illustrating to your potential employers through aesthetic design, your mission and objective. These online resumes will make you stand out. They will also demonstrate your dedication and investment in yourself as a go-getter.

Here is an example of an online resume that Toolbox Web Design built.


As you can see, Toolbox Web Design will include beautiful icons that will show off your skills and do it in a classy way. Having this on top of your tangible resume and cover letter can only help you stand out!

Your online resume (maximum 4 pages) only costs $100. All you will need is your resume, short bio, a design preference and a Linkedin image. You will be provided your own domain (in a subfolder) which is FREE. If you want a custom domain, please submit the name and Toolbox Web Design will provide it at the market price.

If you are ready to start please fill out this form and one of our staff will be in touch with you very shortly. If all elements are submitted, your online resume will be ready for using within 24-48 hours.

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