My 10 Best Nintendo Games

Nintendo is putting out a mini-Nintendo game console in November with 30 built in games, so I decided to let the world know what my faves are from that golden time in my life. I was 10 years old and getting a Nintendo for Christmas was the best present I had ever received and would ever receive. It was the Red Ryder BB gun of all Christmas presents!

10. Contra

ContraContra was a great game. Run and gun, side to side playing. Its graphics were what we were in store for. Ahead of its time

9. RBI Baseball

RBI_Baseball_-_1988_-_Tengen_Ltd.I don’t know how many summers I just played this game. Roger Clemens, Darryl Strawberry, Tony Gwynn….Greatest baseball game ever created, in my opinion.

8. Blaster Master

Blaster_Master_boxartI just got the NES advantage joystick and it came in handy with this game. The graphics were groundbreaking and it game-playing was similar to the Legend of Zelda. Another great Sunsoft game.


7. Bionic Commando

250px-BionicCommandoAnother side-to-side game that just kept getting more fun every time you played it. Capcom came up with some great games in the 80’s.


6. Tecmo Bowl

maxresdefault (1)Two words. Lawrence Taylor. I could barely control him, he was so fast. Greatest football game, hands down.

5. Castlevania

Castlevania_nes_03Castlevania was a game that I got right after I got my NES system that included Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. The eeriness and dark nature of the game drew me in right away. I don’t know why. Maybe because Im a macabre loving basterd.

4. Mega Man 2

56220-Mega_Man_2_(USA)-2The simple graphics of the game play sort of fools you, when you see the bosses you have to defeat at the end of each level. Another ground-breaking game.

3. Super Mario Bros

super_mario_bros.0The complexity of this game is crazy. Especially because its the benchmark of the NES system that usually came with the original Nintendo system. It could take a whole summer to finish and had great easter eggs hidden within it. A true video game for the ages.

2. The Legend of Zelda

maxresdefaultThis game would piss me off to no end. Great screen to screen exploration, along with tough levels….the Legend of Zelda brought what Sierra gave us in King’s Quest to the Nintendo system. I almost cried when I finally beat it.

1. Metroid

metroid-title-screenThis game was so damn awesome, I don’t think I put down my controller and almost became a video-game addict. Graphics were off the chart, roll jumps… have a hand that shoots a laser ball. And you’re a chick….cool twist!



I’m just geeking out right now and giddy about getting to play some of these games with my son. I was his age when I got my Nintendo. Thank you, Nintendo!

Please tell me you’re favorite NES games and if you disagree with my top 10.


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