How to Verify Your Facebook Page 2016

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Facebook has added the ability to have a black verification tick to local business pages, just like the little blue tick you see next to celebrities. What does this do? Well, almost universally if you notice the little blue tick next to a celebrity page, it automatically adds credibility that this page is the official page of this celebrity and its not one of the million hack celebrity Facebook pages, that are claiming to be that celebrity.

So when you get a little black tick next to your Facebook business page, you will add credibility to your page with verification. It also shows that you have the business savvy and modern tech knowledge to verify and enhance your page, which will enhance your brand! So how do we do it? Lets show you:

1. Log in to your Facebook Page and open up your business Facebook Page.

2. Go to About > Page Info

3. Change category to Local Business and Local Business.

4. Make sure you fill out the information about your page. Mobile number (important), website etc.

5. Go to the bottom of Page info and copy your Facebook page ID.

6.  Go to this link: and ad your Facebook ID to the end of it.

7. It will prompt you to add your mobile number for verification and click Call Me now.

8. You will receive an automated phone call from Facebook with your verification code and just input the code. Boom, you’re verified!

Its easy to do, and I believe its important to officially verify your Facebook page 2016. Much success out there!

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