How to Choose an Effective Domain Name

When it comes to choosing a good, effective domain name, you will need use this opportunity to communicate with your audience and more importantly what people are searching for. This is the first step of putting yourself into the shoes of the potential clients that might be searching for your services. Here are some things that I hear when asked about choosing a domain name and some tips to help you with choosing an effective domain name:

1. Just put my name as my domain….

An-Expensive-Lesson-In-Domain-NamesThis sounds like an easy choice, right? Well its ineffective. Straight up. You want thousands and thousands of new business leads to click on your website, right? Of course, we all do. Well think about if you have a domain like and this website sells custom made sunglasses. Well, this website better be saturated with the keywords “custom sunglasses”, alt tags on its images and outward/inward linking to custom sunglasses viable content. You need to include keywords in your domain. Just put – and this will give you a huge bump in your search ability when it comes to generating new leads.

2. My domain is too long

Many of my clients complain that they don’t want a long domain name. And without getting carried away, a long domain name can be a great asset when you are generating new visitors to your site. It doesn’t need to be crazy long, but include keywords that reflect your business, location or any other search query words that you can think of. You will be better off

3. Don’t be cute…Don’t misspell words

I know its tempting to add a “z” or something like that to words that usually call for a “s” at the end. Stay away from it. For example…you want to be cool and have your domain as Well this just killed your keyword “sunglasses” because nobody searches for “sunglazzez”. Stick to your name and keywords in your domain. Don’t get cute. If you want to be cute with the content of your site, thats up to you. But do so at your own peril. Google and other search engines analyze your content and will not adhere to misspelled words.

Its pretty simple. Include search terms in your domain. If your business is geolocated, include the location.

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