How Google Plus Can Help Your Business SEO Marketing

The Google search engine is by far the most used search engine, outpacing its competitors Bing, Yahoo, Ask…etc. According to, Google holds a 67% search engine market share, while Bing is at 16% and Yahoo at 12.1%. So if numbers never lie, as a small business trying to market yourself online, you must attack Google more than the other search engines. Thats where the masses are.

Google+, Google’s social network, is a good way to achieve that. True, Google+ is not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, and also does not have the sort of networking power for small businesses as Facebook and Twitter. However, there are certain things that you can use in Google+ to make your business index rise within the Google search results. One thing that you can do, and this has to do with adding important information through the blog posts, is use Google Authorship.

google plus business helps seo marketing

Set your Google search results apart from the competition, by getting your little mug on the left side of your blog posts. This attracts customers and makes your index stand out, builds credibility of your brand and makes your search index much more attractive than the other search results that are just purely text. This is a great way to market your business on Google. Google Authorship is something that can obtained by:

1 Setting up a Google + account.

2 You need to set your Google+ profile picture to a clear, headshot…where no parts of your head are cut off. Other wise Google may reject it. No logos, no graphics…it needs to be a clear shot of your face.

3 You will need to connect your Google + account to your website and your blog posts.

Remember, that once you do all these steps…it does take some time for your thumbnail to show up in the Google index and there are no gaurantees that Google will even make it show up 100% of the time. I don’t know why, but those are just the variable that come with it. However, if you do these steps that I listed above, your business will have a good chance of showing up and standing out on the search results.

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Alex Martinez is a web, digital and marketing enthusiast that believes in ethical marketing and business practices are the key to long term success.

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