Who is Toolbox Web Design?

Toolbox Web Design is web design company that is home based in Albuquerque, New Mexico with an office in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

black_and_blue_techWe cover the southwest region of the United States including Albuquerque, Phoenix, Denver, El Paso and are available to travel to these regional areas. We also cover northern New Mexico including Rio Rancho, Los Alamos and Taos. Our company prides itself on providing friendly, knowledgeable, effective, quality and extremely affordable online solutions for business. Toolbox Web Design can execute large, cutting edge website design projects, complete WordPress customization and help, smaller website design projects, maintain existing websites, graphic design, animated digital commercials, social media strategies and integration and simple website photography. Above all, Toolbox Web Design cares about local business and wants our customers to succeed. We believe in a friendly approach to your website needs and will walk you through the entire process.


  • Website Design
  • Responsive Design (mobile/tablet)
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO, SMM and Blog Marketing
  • Animated Video Commercials

Website Design

We create stunning, visual and engaging websites in order to help our clients communicate with whoever their target audience might be. Through our ease of navigation, excellent use of colors, high resolution imagery and overall site layout, we can improve our clients brand by creating a user experience to upgrade the end-user thought process about the company, individual or organization. We will integrate social media, blog, and other multi-media vehicles to their websites.

Responsive Design

We will code all of our websites to be mobile/tablet friendly. These days, it is critical for all websites to be responsive. The way we design our sites, when viewed on a smaller design, the websites will have an app feel to them.

What is Wordpress?

WordPress is an open source content management system framework.

wordpress-265x265 In english, please? WordPress is used as a framework, or building block for our websites. We upload WordPress on a server, and then customize its code to fit any website client’s needs. Not only do we customize the front-end of the website, but we also customize the “back-end”, so our clients can easily update their own content, images and other elements. The reason WordPress is so great, is its flexibility. We can create limitless avenues for clients using WordPress.


How We Analyze Our Customer Needs

Everything starts with our customer’s needs. We will do an initial diagnostic of their objectives and recommend accordingly what type of products will be useful to their goals. We can lead them down the road of a much better marketing platform that will improve the end result of experience and branding of their company/organization.

We will also do a competitive breakdown of their industry and see how their competitors are marketing themselves online. This will allow us to recommend an approach that will make our client’s marketing strategy to stand out.

We will also recommend trying to stay away from cheap call to actions and advertisement strategies and try to get our clients to tell about their customers success stories. Nothing engages more than personal, human stories and this strategy tend to be a much better approach to engagement.