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We have launched our brand new website!

We were happy with our last website design, but we wanted to show our customers and potential customers the importance of constantly updating your website for the ever-adapting world of digital and online media. We cleaned up our website to showcase what we do best….Web Design, Responsive design, graphic design and an overall clean, smooth and functional navigation experience.

Nowadays, the algorithms of Google and major search engines will check your website if its mobile friendly (responsive) and they will rank websites based on traffic, site structure and whether its mobile friendly. Its imperative to get your website mobile friendly or you run the risk of dropping down in the rankings when you are competing for generating leads based on general search queries. Also remember to keep your website structure clean and make navigating to your most profitable areas easy. Nothing will get viewers of your website leave quicker than when your website is complicated and confusing. Showcase what you do best!

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukah and a Happy Holiday Season!

Let us know if Toolbox Web Design can help you get your website ready for a great 2016!

Cheers – Alex J Martinez – Owner, Toolbox Web Design

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